Team & Members

The ECI Campaign (ECI e.V.) is powered by a team of multi-talented campaigners, some of whom have run their own ECI campaigns. You’ll see us speaking at events and commenting in the media. Behind the scenes, we research, lobby, write, code, advice ECI organizers and do whatever we can to improve the ECI and make EU democracy work.


Carsten Berg – Director of The ECI Campaign – successfully campaigned for the introduction of the ECI into EU primary law during the Convention on the Future of Europe (2002/03). Today he advices ongoing ECIs through the ECI Help Deskand works on the entire field of democratic innovations. 

Simona Pronckutė is co-initiator of the first-ever registered ECI Fraternité 2020, has worked for the EPC and as an electoral analyst at VoteWatch Europe. She has written extensively on participatory democracy and youth-related issues and acts as an external expert to EU institutions on the ECI. 

Xavier Dutoit is an IT-engineer and creates the technology civil society needs to make participatory democracy work. He coded our openECI software and managed the IT behind the first successful ECI Right2Water, ECI Ban Glyphosat and numerous other ECIs. 


Prisca Merz –  The ECI Campaign’s Financial Auditor –  initiated the ECI End Ecocide in Europe and led the team from 2012-2015. She then joined The ECI Campaign to share her knowledge with other campaigners.  Prisca has worked on European issues in various roles, including as Senior International Relations Officer at Imperial College London and for the European Students Forum AEGEE.

Dr. Thomas Hieber
 is an EU lawyer and has represented ECI Minority Safepack, the first successful ECI legal case, at the European Court of Justice. Thomas has written his PhD on the ECI in St. Gall / Switzerland and supports ongoing ECIs in all legal matters.

Maarten de Groot is project manager for the Bertelsmann Stiftung in their Democracy and Participation in Europe project. He was Campaign Coordinator for The ECI Campaign from November 2017 till December 2018, the time of the legislative revision of the ECI. Furthermore, he worked as European Programme Officer for Democracy International between January and May 2019.

Heike Aghte had organized ECI “30km/h – making streets liveable!”. Today she works as an advisor for the participation of civil society in EU policy, with a special focus on environmental and transport policy. In 2017 she has run The ECI Campaign’s media campaign during the official ECI reform process.

Dr. James Organ is a lecturer in EU Law at the School of Law & Social Justice at the University of Liverpool and has published widely on democratic innovations including sortition. James has written his PhD on the ECI and direct democracy. Today he helps ECIs with legal matters.

Paweł Glogowski is currently a PhD student at the Willy Brandt Center (WBZ) for German and European Studies. He has written a number of articles on the ECI and participatory democracy. Before joining The ECI Campaign he worked as a trainee in the Brussels office of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Mumta Ito is a lawyer and organiser for future ECI Rights of Nature. She is the Founder and CEO of Rights of Nature Europe, a registered charity and network of individuals, experts and organisations working together proactively to establish rights of nature in law throughout Europe and transform our societal relationship with nature. 

Stanislas Jourdan has been the leading activist for the ECI “Unconditional Basic Income”, a one-year campaign that started in 2013 and which succeeded – with very little resources – in collecting 300,000 signatures in support of the idea of basic income. Today he is executive director of Positive Money Europe and campaigning for quantitative easing. 

Thomas Eitzenberger is an IT-engineer co-initiated the ECI Actions on Climate Emergency with Fridays for Future. Previously he has been the IT specialist for ECI End Ecocide and co-implementer of OpenECI software. Thomas helps various ECIs to make their IT-part work.

Jerry Weyer has campaigned in the ECIs: “Let me vote” and “Unconditional Basic Income”. He served as the coordinator of the Luxembourgian parliamentary monitoring organisation, Today he runs Clement & Weyer Digital Communication Consultants in Luxembourg.

Daniel Schily advices ECIs in the ECI Forum. He has run several citizens’ initiatives for more participatory democracy at regional and national level. Co-founder of The ECI Campaign, Democracy International and Mehr Demokratie.

Ivo Mechtel is a political scientist and has worked on democratic innovations around the world and advices The ECI Campaign on questions related to the “Future of Europe” debate.

Virginia Fiume is coordinator of the ECI “Respect for the rule of law within the European Union” and manages the Council for Participatory Democracy for EUmans.