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Record ECI and openECI Use in 2019 – New successful ECIs on the horizon

In the past year we have supported many ECIs profoundly with legal and campaigning advice and provided our openECI software. In 2019 an impressive number of nearly 2 of 3 million ECI signatures were collected with our online collection software openECI. This represents a rate of about 2/3 of all collected signatures in 2019. Paradoxically the EU institutions still plan to phase out individual online collection systems (iOCS) such as openECI by 2023 and exclusively offer the Commission’s software.
In 2020 we expect between three and five new successful ECI submissions. These include the ECIs End the Cage Age with 1.600.000 collected signatures, ECI Minority Safepack with 1.128.385 supporters (already collected in 2018 but only recently submitted), ECI Eat Original with about 1.100.000 collected signatures. In part these signatures still need to be verified by the national competent authorities.  Ongoing ECIs with good chances of success include ECI Save Bees and Farmers (now with 204.000 signatures) which also uses the openECI software.

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