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Ongoing ECIs – an Overview

Here you find the latest overview of all ongoing and closed European Citizens’ Initiatives that have been registered so far by the European Commission. ECIs are presented in chronological order with additional information on each ECI including a monthly up-date on the number of collected signatures (latest check February 20thh 2020). While we had two successful ECIs in 2019 none of the ongoing ECIs currently gets close to the million. The leading ECI with the most signatures is ECI “Save Bees and Farmers” with 204.788 signatures (paper and online).


67) Stop Finning – Stop the trade 
Website | Deadline: 02/01/2021 | No. of signatures: 39.614

66) Save bees and farmers! Towards a bee-friendly agriculture for a healthy environment
Website | Deadline: 30/09/2020 | No. of signatures: 204.234 (including paper signatures)

65) Actions on Climate Emergency
Website | Deadline: 22/07/2020 | No. of signatures: 38.457.

64) Stop corruption in Europe at its root, by cutting off funds to countries with inefficient judiciary after deadline
Website | Deadline: 12/09/2020 | No. of signatures: no numbers published so far.

63) Mettons fin à l’ère du plastique en Europe
Website | Deadline: 26/07/2020 | No. of signatures: no numbers published so far.

62) Grow scientific progress: crops matter!
Website | Deadline: 25/07/2020 | No. of signatures: 6.900

61) A price for carbon to fight climate change
Website | Deadline: 22/07/2020 | No. of signatures: 1.400

60) Save the Bees!
Website | Deadline: 27/05/2020 | No. of signatures: 0, This ECI joined 
ECI Save bees and farmers (see above) and has withdrawn. 

59) Ending the aviation fuel tax exemption in Europe
Website | Deadline: 10/05/2020 | No. of signatures: 70.200

Website | Deadline: 08/05/2020 | No. of signatures: 102.588

57) Cohesion policy for the equality of the regions and sustainability of the regional cultures
Website | Deadline: 07/05/2020 | No. of signatures: no number published (27/52020)

56) The fast, fair and effective solution to climate change.
Website | Deadline: 06/05/2020 | No. of signatures: 22.888

55) Respect de l’Etat de droit au sein de l’Union européenne
Website | Deadline: 08/04/2020 | No. of signatures: no published numbers.

54) #NewRightsNow – Renforcer les droits des travailleurs “ubérisés
Website | Deadline: 01/04/2020 | No. of signatures: no published numbers.

53) Housing for All
Website | Deadline: 18/03/2020 | No. of signatures: no published numbers.

52) Europe CARES – Inclusive Quality Education for Children with Disabilities 
Website | Deadline: 04/03/2020 | No. of signatures: no published numbers.

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